Il Progetto realizzato in Tanzania Bethania

My dear Fabio and Pia.
Greetings of peace and joy from Sr. Antonette and Sisters from Tanzania.
This to express our gratitude to you and your family for the sacrifice you’ve done  to contribute for the water project at Tanzania in loving memory of your beloved daughter Lucia.
We are glad to inform you, that the Hydro geological survey has discovered water in our own land and we have began the process, but unfortunately we are not able to carry on the process due to heavy rains.  We are waiting for the rains to stop. As soon as we begin the work we shall intimate to you. Do pray for the success.
Here we give you little information of our mission in Tanzania. We as per our Founder’s vision and mission of educating the poor and neglected girls, we are beginning a residential school for girls from the interior parts of Tanzania. The girls who lack the educational facilities and safety too. 
To look after these girls we are building a residential school at Mwanga. This place also faces the acute water problem so the bore well will be bored which is support by you. This bore well will be a memorial as it in memory of our angel Lucia. This story will be told to every girl who will come under our care. Everyday special prayers will be offered for Lucia and to your family. 
I have sent some pictures of water survey conducted but we feel sorry as we not able to send the pictures of well of which the reason is mentioned above.
Do continue to support us to carry on our project of building construction.
We continue to pray for you and all the people who are with you contributing their mite for our mission.

May this of Advent bring joy of Jesus birth.
Thank you and God bless you.

With best wishes and prayers

Sr. Antonette B.S